Laurentian Cross-Country & Track

About Laurentian



  • Location: Sudbury, Ontario (a 4 hour drive north of Toronto)
  • Student Population: 6500
  • City Population: 161,000
  • Average High Temps: June to Sept: 21.8 degree C, Dec to March: -4.9 degrees C
  • The campus borders 5 lakes and a conservation area
  • Laurentian has its own private beach
  • New $10 million fitness facility/weight room
  • 200m indoor track
  • 400m Mondo outdoor track – the site of OFSAA Track 2011.
  • Miles of campus trails – the site of OFSAA XC 2013!



Laurentian offers a great combination: Small class size, most classes taught by professors (not teaching assistants), one of the highest levels of financial assistance in Canada, plus a great quality of life in a vibrant, medium-size city, with all the social, cultural amenities close at hand. We offer a number of programs that are unique to Laurentian, plus a full slate of undergraduate programs. For more information, read on:

Laurentian excels in the areas that mean the most. The ability to get a job after graduation, having a good educational experience, and the ability to pay for it all. On all counts, Laurentian is among the best in Ontario.

  • Laurentian currently boasts the highest graduate employment rate among Ontario universities: 93.9% after six months and 97% after two years!!
  • Its classes are small and professors are accessible.

All students automatically receive a scholarship if they achieve the following grades. This applies to all four years of their undergraduate education. No application is necessary.  (For incoming students, the required grades are for your 6 grade 12-4U/M courses,regardless of prerequisites).

  • 80%–84.9% up to $4,000 ($1,000 in 1st year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained) *
  • 85%–89.9% up to $6,000 ($1,500 in 1st year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained) *
  • 90%–94.9% up to $12,000 ($3,000 in 1st year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained) *
  • 95%–100% up to $16,000 ($4,000 in 1st year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained) *

Plus, over $10.1 million is presented each year in bursaries.

Athletic Scholarships
Athletic scholarships of up to $4500 are available – 1st year students need an 80% to qualify – 70% for continuing students.

We’re not as far away as you think:

  • Laurentian is only about four hours from Toronto—about the same as a trip from Toronto to Ottawa.
  • That four-hour drive puts you in a city that’s not too large and not too small…with an incredible quality of life. You’ll find yourself on a beautiful campus surrounded by woods and lakes, just minutes from the downtown core and its vibrant nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. Plus…the friendliest people in Ontario!


  • All first-year students are guaranteed a room in residence.

In addition to a full slate of programs in the Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences and Commerce, Laurentian offers a number of unique programs, including many of those listed below. Plus, as one of only two bilingual universities in Ontario, many of these programs are offered in both English and French:

  • Sport Psychology: The only undergraduate sport psychology program in Canada.
  • Forensic Sciences: You’ve seen it on CSI! Involves the application of science to legal situations. One of only two such programs in Canada.
  • Sports Administration: A Commerce degree with a specialization in the business of sport. Renowned across Canada.
  • Medical School: Canada’s newest—opened last Fall!
  • Architecture: the newest school of architecture in Canada.
  • Concurrent Education: A concurrent program in which you can also specialize in programs such as Human Kinetics.
  • Human Kinetics: Six streams of study: Sport & Physical Education, Sport Psychology, Health Promotion, Education Physique, Kinesiology, and Outdoor Adventure Leadership. Immediate access to natural settings is a huge advantage.
  • Commerce and Administration: Emphasizes the Harvard Case Study Method and includes the new E-Commerce program.
  • Behavioural Neuroscience: Human behaviour studied from neurobiological and biochemical perspectives.
  • Biology: With  the following options:eBusiness Science
    • Biomedical Biology
    • Restoration
    • Zoology
    • Ecology. Learn from the world’s leaders in the new $10 million Living With Lakes Center
  • Computer Science Coop

Health Sciences

  • Midwifery
  • Biomedical Physics
  • Biotechnology
  • Radiation Therapy program
  • Nursing
  • Orthophonie
  • Geology & Environmental Geoscience
  • Engineering: Chemical, Mining, Civil and Mechanical.
  • Arts & Humanities: Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Music & much more.