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Laurentian X-Country: The Athletes’  Perspective
“I love running for Laurentian because of the chemistry between the girls. It’s as much a social event as anything else! The friends you make and keep last forever. We have a top- notch coach who tries to bring the best out of everyone, and the best is simply doing better than you’ve done before, be it by a second or a position, that’s all. And he makes sure that the road there is a blast! I can’t imagine university without all the good times spent with the team, the panoramic scenery of the North and jumping in the campus lake after those Sunday long runs. (Ok, maybe this part is limited to a few weeks of the school year, if you’re gutsy…!) Hope to see you around.                                            Natalie Lefort, Sudbury

I’ve never met quite such interesting people as I have through running cross country at Laurentian.  Finding a group of individuals with the same interests as you really help the adjustment to University life. Laurentian’s atmosphere is always positive and fun, and personal success is the focus.  The trails are beautiful, yet challenging, and like nowhere else in the province.  There is always opportunity and encouragement for improvement by the coaching staff and by teammates.  Plus, I like the Barn — it’s a home away from home”  🙂                                                Krista Bolyea, Orillia

“I really love running on the trails and in Bell Park where you’re running on the waterfront.  Then when I’m sore I can go for a dip on the campus’ beach, then run to Rickey (massage therapist) for some relief!”

Cristina Puscariu, London

“ I enjoy the LU X-Country team because of the team spirit, constant encouragement, helping us to improve running techniques in all different aspects and because I always felt as if I were one of the team. Having people with different running backgrounds helps find a way in which training can benefit each and every person. Plus, knowing that at each and every practice, even though it may be very hard at times, the satisfaction at the end makes the hard work worthwhile.”

Lori-Lynn Switzer, Kirkfield, Ont.

“Running at LU is a lot of fun; it’s like hanging out with the ten sisters I never had.  We borrow each other’s sports bras, squabble over silly things, but definitely bond!”                    Kristie Bale, Sudbury

“I love running at Laurentian because of the gorgeous scenery, friendly atmosphere and most of all, we have our own massage therapist!!”         Adrienne Chestnut, Kingston

“We work hard, but the coaches keep it fun. You can’t make it through a workout without laughing.”                                        Lisa Falvo, Sudbury